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Still not playing the online game you should?

    If you change nothing, nothing will change

    40% of Internet searches have local intent! People use the Internet to find the companies they want to do business with; how easy do you make it for prospects to find you? Are you listed in the most popular places? It’s easier than you may think, and it’s free!

    Here’s how to rank higher in the local search engines.

    Step #1 Check your business listing at

    Their free local tool allows you to see how your business is indexed in the most popular local search engines: Google, yelp, bing, Yahoo, Best of the Web, and hotfrog.’s “listing score” approximates how effectively your business is taking advantage of free listings. Then they list for you what specific steps your business has taken (or not taken) to list itself effectively. Powerful stuff!

    Step #2 Fill in the blanks, take five minutes with each and complete your business listings, it’s easy!

    Step #3 Enjoy the free leads. One more new prospect per week, or month, or year is fabulous and free! Don’t kid yourself on this one; there will be leads! If they don’t find your company listed they will find your competition!

    Even easier, have someone do it for you. For only $30/year, Universal Business Listing will ensure that your business is included on all major and secondary search engines. provides a single entry point where you can create an enhanced business profile that is distributed to all major U.S. search engines, online yellow pages, 411 Directory Assistance, mapping and GPS navigation sites. UBL is the fastest way to get your business included on the primary databases, such as infoUSA, that are the backbone of all Local search engines. You can update your listing for free at any time using UBL’s online interface.

    Now what’s your excuse for not playing the online game you should? You don’t have one? Smile, and Get Listed!

    Make it an extraordinary month!

    Trial Close

    A Trial Close is not a normal ‘closing technique’ but a test to determine whether the person is ready to close.

    Use it after a presentation or after you have made a strong selling point. Use it when you have answered objections. The Trial Close may use other closing techniques or may be a more tentative question.

    Ask ‘If…’ questions.

    Ask questions that assume they have already bought the product or service.

    When you have asked the Trial Close question, as with most other closes, be quiet, watching and listening carefully for their response.

    It looks like you really like this. Is that true?
    If you took it home, would you be proud to own this?
    Do you prefer the larger or smaller version?
    How would it look on the shelf back at home?
    It looks like this is an excellent solution, do you agree?

    How it works
    The Trial Close works by putting the idea of closure into the person’s mind. Their response will tell you whether they are ready or not.

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