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Stop selling. Be their expert, and clients will sell themselves. Sales are no longer about aggression and tenacity. Now they’re about customer-service and the fit. If you have the product or service they want, if the fit is there, there is nothing to sell; no need to be aggressive.

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Are your products and services aligned with what buyers are demanding?

Are they aligned with the sectors that are growing the fastest? The fastest way for your company to grow too, is to match what you do to what prospects want to buy.

Adjusting your products list annually sometimes just means adjusting their descriptions, or the delivery of the service; but researching every-year the ideal clients poised to buy what you sell, means staying ahead of the competition and capturing real marketshare.

A powerful Business Development strategy includes:

  • Researching the future of your sector five, ten, and fifteen years out.
  • Creation of a one year sales and marketing calendar for easy deployment.
  • And creating a comprehensive list of prospective clients to solicit directly!

Is everyone in your company rewarded to directly add to its growth?

Imagine the power behind every person in your company bringing in one lead per month. If that lead closes and turns into a client, they get a bonus: cash, a gift card, a day off. Make a list of what they consider a reward, track the results, and generate a synergy to shape the new-world-order of sales.

An Everyone-Sells culture means your sales team will close the leads while the whole company is empowered to work together for the greater good. We all want to be our best selves. Being rewarded for it changes everything!

  • Your company commits to implementing the program.
  • Each employee commits to bringing in one lead per month.
  • We create a dashboard to track the results.
  • Your company pays a bonus for each closed prospect.
  • An annual celebration magnifies the results!
Beatrice Stonebanks


Kelly Knight


Jaco Grobbelaar



Ask For It!

There’s no magic in what I do. I call people and I ask them for their business; those who need what I have to sell, buy.

We all want it – We all deserve it

There are differences in the brains and buying styles of men and women. The common denominator is always respect. We all want it. We all deserve it. And all sales people should use it.

You are as you are evidenced

Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking. Today I learned integrity is doing the right thing when everyone is looking.

“Beatrice’s direct approach got our customer-facing team working on relationship development in an active and cohesive way. Her energy, enthusiasm and dedication sets the bar high.”

Sam Boduch

Operations Coordinator

“Beatrice is fearless! Her ability to turn a cold call into a sales meeting between a prospective [B2B enterprise tech marketing] client and me was simply jaw-dropping.”

Stacy Crinks