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Our process—laid out for you. With a focus on AI ML and NLP applications and strategies.

These business development steps are listed in our usual order of implementation. Or, if you prefer, each item or section can stand on its own depending on your needs. They are the Steps to Sustained, Exponential Growth that we espouse, facilitate, and implement.

While your company may choose to retain us for one or all items listed, our main focus is always on capturing market share and increasing revenues. We pay attention to where your sector is headed: five, ten, and fifteen years out. We align your products and services to leverage the trends to your advantage. We mitigate risk and maximize growth along the way. 

A Business Development Specialist is in charge of analyzing business processes and cleaning up operations to increase profit margins. They research industries to find purchase patterns and emerging trends. They recommend changes to supply chain management, if necessary.

Business Development Specialists assist with budget development and provide support for existing initiatives. They even assist with core business development activities, such as generating pitch decks and talking with clients and competitors to better understand business trends.

A year from now you'll wish you had started today


Where you are vs where you want to go - let’s find out together!

Q/A Session – Spend an hour with me and let me pepper you with questions so I can create a business development strategy that takes you from where you are where you want to be.

Ideal Client Summary – Share a list of some of your clients and I’ll call them to inquire what they like most AND least about working with your company. I can’t wait to show you how to use this in ALL you do. I’ll also research the future of your sector: five, ten, and fifteen years out!

Execution Exercise – I’ll talk with everyone on your team to inquire about what they think your company executes well or where it needs improvement.

Result – The above three items combine to create a comprehensive Business Development Strategy for the next year, complete with the demographic profile of what an ideal client is for your company at the profit margin you desire. This replaces how you want to sell with how prospects want to buy; a critical distinction. It also matches your products and services to the demographics that are growing and spending the most money. A straightforward, powerful strategy results with increasing revenues!


Let's create targeted steps that fortify your foundation so you actually capture the market share you desire!

Business Plan Creation – Complete with Mission and Vision statements, this process is done using Traction/EOS or the One Page Business Plan process. We also have expertise with: LivePlan, the Business Plan Builder, ScalingUp, goSmallBiz, and Business Plan Pro, among others.

Full Sales and Marketing Calendar – This is a living, breathing, actionable calendar outlining all sales and marketing efforts daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly and annually. We’ll design it, and work with you to assign who on your team is accountable for each piece; using it effortlessly so nothing falls through the cracks.

Low Hanging Fruit Game Plan – Many companies leave money on the table with existing clients. We design and implement an easy way to pick your low hanging fruit and increase revenues immediately. Go on, ask me how:

Everyone-Sells Program – When everyone in your company is bringing in prospects and clients, how much faster will you grow? Yup, this is a program designed to empower every single person in your company to bring prospects to the table and be rewarded with a bonus if they become clients. This doesn’t usurp your sales team, it adds to their source of leads.

Internal Dashboard – We create a summary of the key metrics you need to see at any one point in time to know the health of your company. Visual dashboards change mere numbers and make them come to life with value you can literally take to the bank by increasing your profit margin.

Result – A custom Business Development Road Map that complements the strategy which results from Discovery. Now that you know where you are going, these items will show you how to get there! These are the specific steps you should take along the way to maximize revenues. Because, say it with me, It’s all about the money!

Strategy, Goals, Research
Building Blocks


After we Discover and Design, it’s time to Build the pathway forward utilizing your whole team. Any possible mix of the following items, may be suggested. We can give you the tools to do them yourself, or partner with you in success.

Workflow Creation – Think diagrams that map each of your processes step-by-step.

Data Analytics – The future of your decisions is waiting to materialize.

Inbound Marketing – Sales and marketing automation – a must!

CRM Implementation or Upgrade – It’s no longer a good idea, a CRM is critical. Think: HubSpot, Insightly, ZOHO, salesforce, infusionsoft, NETSUITE, Bitrix24, pipedrive, Nutshell, Sugar, and many others.

Outsourcing Review and Recommendations – Where/if appropriate, department by department.

Organizational Chart Creation / Refresh – Having the right people in the right seat starts the synergy. Adjusting it annually keeps you ahead of growth and ready for anything that comes your way.

Competitive Analysis – How do you stand out from the competition? And don’t say you don’t have any. Like it or not, prospects will compare you. We want to know to whom?

USP Creation – Unique Selling Proposition—do you know yours? In 7 words or less?

SWOT Analysis – Is your sector growing optimistically or catastrophically? What are the risks and how can you plan for them? We track your growth five, ten, and fifteen years out so you remain nimble no matter what happens in your sector.

Pricing Sheets for Consistency and Accuracy in Bids – Makes proposal turnaround easy and fast, as well as increases profit margins.

Budget Creation / Oversight – It’s all about the money! That which you focus on expands! Result: KPI’s / ROI / Real Synergy can start to take hold when the foundation is strong, you know where you are headed, you have the team in place to make it happen, and you’re agile along the way.


Creating the infrastructure is just the beginning. Helping you leverage it is where the fun really happens!

Quarterly Steps – Know what items have to be done first, then map them out quarterly so you actually accomplish them. We’ll walk you through the process effortlessly.

Matching KPI’s to Accountability – Attach each step to a person. People want to do their best work; measuring it makes it count!

Everyone Has a Number Program – We take that dashboard to the next level, helping each and every person on the team perform at their best. Reporting one number each, collecting the numbers in an intranet dashboard, allows each department to see how their work affects other departments. You get to see where cogs are that need removing. Ask me for a walk through of a live dashboard:

Sales Cycle Mapping – Creating a visual representation of your sales cycle helps prospects know what’s ahead of them, and it helps your team use a step-by-step process so you don’t waste time creating proposals that don’t close! Talk about a game-changer!

Result – A powerful, working structure you can count on for increasing revenues!

Cracking Knuckles
All Hands In


Inbound Marketing – The true panacea of a successful sales and marketing game plan is automation! This works by drawing customers in and making use of owned and earned media. It creates brand-awareness and drives traffic through engaging content and a positive reputation. Think HubSpot, SharpSpring, and Kentico.

Culture of Accountability – All the work getting to this place deserves a reward! Synergy really happens when your entire team works together. Rewarding employees, rewarding teams, and sharing profits; that’s what the most successful companies do to truly lead in their sector and squash the competition. Join them. It’s easier than you think.

Communication Strategy – Internal and external—transparent communication gets you farther, faster. Creating this kind of culture internally rules, and then sharing it externally (think press releases, community events, and the top rung of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid). Actualize your company’s best-self while communicating it far and wide.

Media Outreach – No matter how great your company, what others say about you is far more important than what you say about you. Media Outreach is the process by which you get press coverage, brand mentions, and more awareness of your business by pitching information about it to journalists, bloggers, and influencers. Our targeted program allows you to pick and choose the pieces you need, or we can run the whole program for you. Learn more ->

Result – That Synergy I keep taking about—it’s all about the money!


Training – Creating a training strategy for your leadership and each person on your team, and staying ahead of the competition, means having a training regimen in place. You don’t start here, but ending up here is one heck of a powerful destination for continued growth!

Migration of all Documents/Processes/Dashboards – From our team to yours (let’s call this a handoff) of all we’ve created together: documents, spreadsheets, processes, apps, and workflows. With you or for you, it will all be handed off to your team fully. We’ll train them on how to use each item and leverage them too.

Result – Hand-Off Documentation: printed, online, automated, cloud-based, or all of the above! Imagine handing your new-hires a literal binder of your processes or a link to your intranet with all forms, workflows, and dashboards at their fingertips. Talk about hitting the ground running!

Keyboard and Diagrams

Lather, Rinse, Repeat!

Monthly Check-Ins – Yes, we visit monthly to help you stay aligned and hitting the target!

Quarterly Optimization – Yes, we quarterly realign the strategy given current results and challenges. Always remaining agile is the winning core value at play here.

Annual Review – Yes, it’s time to celebrate! Then, lather, rinse, and repeat the process for year-over-year sustained growth!

Result – Continued Growth! That’s where the real fun is! Adjusting to market demands, staying relevant, and growing a legacy!

Stonebanks Sales Management Teams can partner with you a little or a lot.

We start with a discovery session. We listen to your needs, wants, and desires and… we let you sell yourself. If we have the expertise you require, we become your partner in exponential growth!

We offer several products to enrich your business development process. Choose a selection, or reach out to us at for a custom solution.

Now, or after you review our process, questions are always welcome.

Join Beatrice on the first Friday of every month at 8am PST to learn the latest, most powerful techniques for increasing sales.