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We’ll deep dive on how to conduct an Ideal Client Summary, how to use the templated spreadsheet, how to summarize the findings, and how to target more Ideal Clients, easily.

I’ll give you the Hot Buttons for each sector and show you how to use them. The resulting spreadsheet is yours to keep, of course. We’ll then match your summary info with the top sectors spending money, so you solicit new prospects ready to buy. We’ll also use the results to create the desired balance between: small clients, bread-and-butter clients, and large, juicy clients. Some companies want a lot more of one than another; you make the decision, I’ll share a strategy that gets the results.

Each Ideal Client Summary presentation includes a sample sales funnel based on a simple approach to ensure no prospect falls through the cracks. You can import this sales funnel weekly or monthly into your CRM; or use it perpetually on its own. It consists of three levels, prospects that have a 10%, 50%, or 90% chance of closing.

The beauty of a 90/50/10 funnel is you can clearly see how many prospects have to be placed in the 10% section to have one move up through the funnel to 50%, then 90%, and then on to becoming a new client.

Put the effort into serving each prospect, not on selling them. Serving is the new selling. Be their expert, answers their questions. If you have the product or service they want to buy, they will sell themselves. It’s easier than you think.

Now, or after you review our process, questions are always welcome.

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