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Join one of the upcoming Sales Cycle Creation Workshops!

Never skip and important step in your sales cycle again. Never lose a client at the last minute because you didn’t walk them through your process up front. There are eight basic steps in a sales cycle, do you know what they are? What if your company’s sales cycle has only five steps, or fifty! Yes, I said 50. Some companies have even more.

A powerful way to gain control of moving prospects through your funnel, effortlessly.

Learn how to create an Everyone-Sells environment in your company so each employee, manager, and leader is bringing prospects into the funnel, too.

In this 2-part workshop you will:

  • Create your comprehensive sales cycle and divide it into clear cut phases
  • Understand who should be in charge of driving the results of each phase
  • Learn how to overlay timelines for each phase so prospects keep moving through your sales cycle and become customers
  • Create qualifying-questions for each phase so no piece of information falls through the cracks
  • Map your pre-sales process, so your social posts and videos drive prospects into your funnel
  • Learn how to tie each phase to your CRM; as well as, how to integrate resulting new customers into your project management solution
  • Understand why and how to update your sales cycle quarterly so it keeps getting better and better
  • And, learn how to inspire your sales people to use your sales cycle every day, without stress.

All dates are 8-10am PT

Fridays in October: 8th, 15th, 22nd – SOLD OUT
Tuesdays in November: 9th, 16th – SOLD OUT
Mondays in December: 6th, 13th – SOLD OUT (Stay tuned for 2022 workshop dates!)

(Limit of 10 people per workshop)

Questions in advance? Or, rather do a one-on-one private workshop with your team? Let’s chat! Please reach out anytime:

Now, or after you review our process, questions are always welcome.

Join Beatrice on the first Friday of every month at 8am PST to learn the latest, most powerful techniques for increasing sales.