What makes you stand out from the competition? And don’t say, “We don’t have any direct competition.”

Even if -you- don’t think you do, a prospect is always comparing your company with other options: what are they? Who are they? How can you kill the competition before a prospect even has objections?

Competitive kill sheets are a great tool to help salespeople sell more easily. It critical to develop an in-depth, competitive kill sheet that highlights and reinforces the differences that actually matter to prospects.

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We work with you to choose your top competitors, then kill the competition by creating a matrix of price and product differentiators to use as a sales support piece; and to add to your website for comparison shoppers.

This process includes:

  • Sample Kill Sheets in your sector, so you don’t have to start from scratch
  • Interviews with your leadership and team to gather your Unique Selling Proposition
  • A trial run-through using the Kill Sheet with an actual prospect
  • A visual graphic matrix you can use in proposals, on your website, and in sales meetings – easily showing your prospective clients how you stand out from the competition