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“Beatrice helps business owners build infrastructure and implement growth. Many small- and medium-size businesses are profitable because they have two or three major customers that comprise 80% of revenues. Typically, the owner of the business has a personal relationship with those customers, and there is no systematic business development program to add customers or to serve existing customers better. Through her diligent and thorough analysis process, Beatrice gains a depth of understanding about the company’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities that usually exceeds the owner’s level of understanding. Through one-on-one customer interviews she learns why customers choose the company and what can be done better to gain more of their business. Beatrice can organize a sales department, create and implement procedures and training materials, hire and train new sales people and at the same time bring in new major accounts for the business herself. Beatrice is a master business builder and she has served my clients well.”

Greg Carpenter

M&AMI, CBI, CM&AP, Managing Partner

“Working with Beatrice has been a pleasure. The years of sales experience across diverse industries and honest communication that she brought to the table helped us develop a wellresearched go-to-market strategy. We would happily work with her again!”

Julia Cortopassi

Co-founder & CEO

“Beatrice was direct and candid about what she thought was helpful or harmful to our business and gave us the framework to better understand sales and the inbound marketing pipeline.”

Dave Jackson


Green Mars

“Beatrice clearly communicated the right way of doing things and helped our team build a framework for business and sales success.”

Shmuel Silverman

Founder, CEO

“Smart and wicked passionate!! Beatrice took the time to understand what our needs were and developed a game plan that has helped us out immensely.”

James Berger


“A highly regarded and respected professional, with sustained outstanding performance across all metrics used to measure sales/marketing performance.”

Eric W. Johnson


“Clarity. Karma. Experience. Vision. Beatrice un-muddies the waters to enable more effective leadership. Wish all our projects were Beatrice-projects.”

Bruce Linde


“I made an unusual request when I engaged with Beatrice Stonebanks. Being an advisor to CEOs, necessitates complete confidentiality. That makes it rather hard to share clients as references, they are far too private, and busy, to be a part of my salesforce. I asked Beatrice to interview many of my CEO clients so that she could give 3rd party references for me. It was a creative way to provide the needed endorsements and of course, Beatrice did a stellar job eliciting the info we needed to support my practice.”

Dr. Frumi Rachel Barr


“Beatrice’s knowledge, front-line experience and expertise around Business Planning and Workflow Re-design has been invaluable to B & L Glass. As a Trusted Advisor to me and the B & L Leadership Team, she has been instrumental in providing both the strategic direction and tactical execution to develop the key foundational structure for B & L to implement best practices across the company and continue our success for several more decades!”

Jeff Rowland


“It would take pages and pages to go on about how much I loved working with Beatrice. She is such a clear communicator and assisted with a perfect understanding of what my company needed. Her customer service always exceeded my expectations.”

Lesley Harrison


“Beatrice Stonebanks is a whirlwind of focused energy that helped our startup achieve the exposure it needed to move forward. Unlike most people, Beatrice is fearless in doing whatever is needed to achieve what can seem like impossible goals.”

Kee Nethery


“When we were just starting our business, Beatrice taught us so much about the sales process and gave us tools we have used for years. I highly recommend you talk to her if you want to be more systematic and efficient in your sales efforts. She can really help!”

Trudy Triner


“Beatrice’s ability to see and cultivate the intersection of two companies or individuals based on their respective capabilities and goals is second to none. This in turn sets the foundation for business development activities that produce results.”

Philip Father


“I respect her business acumen and trust her advice. Meeting with Beatrice either face-to face or over the phone is refreshing. Her positive mindset, confident energy, and ready to work attitude always provides a much needed boost. My experiences with Beatrice over the years have always exceeded expectations.”

James Pouliot

Director of Administration

“Beatrice is uninterested in anything but your success: she cuts through all the superfluous stuff to find your winning strategy and the tactics that will get you there.”

Kelly Knight


“Beatrice is fearless! Her ability to turn a cold call into a sales meeting between a prospective [B2B enterprise tech marketing] client and me was simply jaw-dropping.”

Stacy Crinks


“Beatrice’s direct approach got our customer-facing team working on relationship development in an active and cohesive way. Her energy, enthusiasm and dedication sets the bar high.”

Sam Boduch

Operations Coordinator

“Beatrice has expertly assisted several of my clients to develop and execute super successful sales strategies.”

Allison S. Tabor


“Beatrice gets shit done!!”

Justin Johnston


“Having worked with Beatrice now for several years, we greatly appreciate her constant proactivity and follow-through. Her iterative process allows for a constant improvement on the products she and our team are working to deliver.”

Jeremy Kushner


“Beatrice is a powerhouse. She elicits your passion and works with you to craft it into a succinct statement of purpose, promise, and reason for being. This becomes the cornerstone for critical communications across sales and marketing.”

Cathy Dew

CEO + Information Architect

“She is magical when it comes to sales! She has such a logical, organized approach to reaching out to clients. She taught us so much about looking at competitors, too, so we are able to make better decisions. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Wendy Hanson

Co-Founder, COO

“Beatrice motivated and inspired the principals and the employees to make extraordinary efforts over two years to revamp and document our work flows and processes for the betterment of the business.”

Anne K. Wilbur

CPM, Partner and Broker

“Beatrice is a careful listener and clear communicator that knows how to achieve measurable outcomes.”

Garrett Goldman

Client Services

“Beatrice consistently exceeds expectations with her extensive breadth of business savvy, her powerful results-driven approach, and her genuine care for her clients’ success.”

Marissa Marsay


“Working with Beatrice has always been a positive experience. She’s professional, knowledgeable, with solid personal skills. Her efforts always result in a positive result.”

Tim Ware


“Beatrice is an expert in her field who works with integrity, wisdom and ease; she is creative, innovative, and always committed to her client’s ultimate success.”

Eric & Marsha Golangco


“That was such an amazing presentation to hear. So much good content. I’m hooked! Calendaring the next one!”

Laurie A. Dennen, Esq.