Beatrice is an award-winning international speaker who brings power, passion and purpose to the front of the stage: in-person or virtually.

Using transparent communication, she’s willing to say out-loud what others don’t dare: how to be all about the money when running a company, yet not compromise core values along the way; how to learn from her failures, so you can bask in your own success; and how to partner with those who have what your team needs, even if you don’t like them along the way. Structure. Synergy. Growth. Results. It’s easier than you think.

Always using a step-by-step process for adjusting what you sell, to the sectors that will most want to buy it: those sectors which are spending money and growing the fastest.

Are your products and services aligned with what buyers are demanding?

Are they aligned with the sectors that are growing the fastest?

Choose a speaking topic and let’s talk about the date that serves you best.

Ten Step Process for Increasing Revenues


Some people say change is painful—yes, it can be. But for this speaking topic, I want you to consider a new paradigm: Change plus Pain can equal Gain!

A Ten-Step Process for Increasing Revenues

The fastest way for your company to grow, is to match what you do, to what people want to buy.

Updating your product list annually sometimes just means adjusting product descriptions, or the delivery method of the service; but every-year researching the sectors poised to buy what you sell, means staying ahead of the competition, and capturing marketshare along the way. 

This 10-Step process includes:

  • A step-by-step summary for researching the future of your sector: five, ten and fifteen years out
  • A list of strategic questions to ask so that your company stays ahead of the competition
  • A step-by-step guide for identifying what an ideal client is, at the profit margin desired
  • And a full decision matrix so you can plot a course from where you are, to where you want to be

You can use this process to do-it-yourself. I’ll share the step-by-step guide with all the templates you’ll need.

Or I can do the research and conduct the Ideal Client Summary for you; then share the resulting strategy to shift your products and services to meet the demands of prospective buyers.

This can be a one-hour presentation via Zoom, a half-day workshop together, or a full day’s strategy session with your whole team.

Either way, you shift a possibly painful needed change, into a powerful gain.

How many hours are you going to worry about closing new prospects this week?

How much time are you going to spend avoiding your sales funnel?

How many conferences will you attend looking for the magic solution?

That time could be spent taking this course and setting yourself up for real success.

Serving is The New Selling

Who is this course for?

This course is for people and companies that are already successful, who want to take their success to the next level. They know they are great, now they want to be extraordinary. I help them create a game plan that’s easy, systematized, and generates results.

What will you learn?

How to take the fear out of selling – sales are no longer about aggression and tenacity, now they are about the fit, and being an expert, such that, your clients sell themselves. I demystify the basic sales approach so anyone can feel comfortable selling. In this seminar, you will learn:

  • The number one way to increase sales now!
  • How to identify what an ideal client is for your company.
  • How to pick your low hanging fruit and make more money immediately!
  • How to understand why and how sex works best in business. There are differences in the buying styles of men and women, learn how to use them to your advantage.
  • How to create sales scripts that really work.
  • Present yourself so your prospects trust what you say every time.
  • Understand why follow-up is everything – and how to make it effortless!
  • How to easily track your prospects from cold call to close.
  • The 8-steps to a close: you always know where you are in the sales cycle.
  • How to easily talk about money and get the price you desire without concern for losing the sale.
  • How to line up prospects year-round for consistent cash flow!
  • There are so many options for increasing sales: newsletters, video, online ads, social media, direct mail, SEO, Inbound programs, and lead services – learn how to know which to use to get the best results for your products and services.
Boardroom Dominatrix Training

Submit to a new paradigm

Learn how to use sex, as in gender, to your advantage, and increase sales along the way.

Boardroom Dominatrix: How to Use Sex and Power to Increase Your Sales

Creating a global movement, Boardroom Dominatrix changes the face of sales, replacing the derogatory, used-car salesmen approach with one of transparent integrity, and shifting old-school sales tactics to service-oriented ones. A boardroom dominatrix promotes sex and power as advantages, while respecting ethical boundaries

The patriarchal construct around sales is not just dying, but is, indeed, already dead. A traditional feminine approach doesn’t necessarily fit as a replacement. A new paradigm, evangelized by Boardroom Dominatrix, is one that invites submission in sales. When we accept the power dynamic between domination and submission, a whole new world opens up.

Boardroom Dominatrix espouses tenets and tactics that will result in respect-based sales.


A boardroom dominatrix is a person who balances an exchange of power with business acumen to create singular results. Strategically growing the company by garnering consent to technologically dominate, a boardroom dominatrix operates with a clearly articulated vision that drives the actions and decisions of all employees across all levels of the organization.The result is an extraordinary increase in revenues, and an ensuing satisfaction throughout the company.

In this salon you'll learn:

  • The replacement for boardroom misogyny with the equitable exchange of a full gender spectrum of power.
  • How to identify what an Ideal Client is: knowing how they want to buy, to replace how you want to sell.
  • How to talk about money, never discount your rate, and get the price you desire without losing the sale.
  • How to figure out what you really want, and how to ask for it, every time.
  • The top opening and closing skills – asking for the close with power.
  • How to create powerful sales scripts – know the words that sell.
  • How to set the ground rules, negotiate the options, and define the safewords for conducting hot business meetings that increase sales.

The time is now. After the #MeToo movement. As patriarchal dominance is being questioned. Before gender equality and neutrality. Before global sustainable development as a mainstay of successful business. Before equity for all humans. Boardroom Dominatrix  illustrates why and how to use gender, with the power each of us yields as buyers and sellers in the 21stcentury.