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Let your clients sell themselves!

    Build Trust

    Sound crazy? Not if you have the right sales people.
    Sales in the 21st century are no longer about aggression and tenacity; they’re now about the customer and the fit. Today’s successful salespeople are a company’s front lines communicating the products and services you offer while listening to the needs of the customer, ultimately finding the fit that has the clients sell themselves. It’s not crazy; it’s brilliant!

    You have heard me say the number one way to get more business is to ask for it.

    But don’t just have anyone do the asking, you need sales experts fueled with listening skills, leadership and authenticity; they are the ones who will generate the results, the money!

    The best sales people negotiate for 100% commission in lieu of salary. They welcome the challenge; they know what’s at stake and what it will take to hit their goal. They aren’t afraid of it, they take it on with enthusiasm and the increased results flow naturally from their effort. Sound like the sales reps on your team?

    The 80/20 of Sales
    Twenty percent of all salespeople make eighty percent of all sales, which means eighty percent of a sales force fights over the remaining 20 percent of business (Greenberg & Greenberg). In addition, a whopping 55 percent of salespeople have no ability to sell!

    Harvard Says
    A study done by the Harvard Business School found that top performing salespeople have these traits in common: do not take “no” personally; take 100 percent responsibility for results; possess empathy; have above average ambition, willpower and determination; are intensely goal-oriented; and can easily approach strangers.

    Management Says
    In a recent survey conducted by Gitomer, a management company, 365 CEOs were asked what they thought were the key factors that separate high performing sales professionals from low-performing sales professionals; their top answers were: self-discipline, motivation, product knowledge, customer knowledge, and innate talent and personality. But the characteristics they indicated are not among those, which separate superior performers from inferior performers.

    The Facts Say
    The same Gitomer sales study found the following characteristics, if mastered by a salesperson, would make him rise above the rest and be in the 80% of top sellers:

    • Unyielding belief in the company, the product and yourself
    • Creativity to differentiate yourself from the competition
    • Sense of humor that builds deep rapport
    • Ability to promote yourself
    • Ability to maintain price integrity
    • Unyielding personal values and ethics
    • Reliability and dependability
    • Passion and desire to excel and be the best
    • Exciting presentation skills
    • Ability to generate profit and loyal customers
    • Selling for the love of helping others get what they want rather than for the love of money
    • Perpetual positive attitude and enthusiasm

    Salespeople are recession proof. There will always be something to sell, so it’s important to keep your top performers happy and well incentivized, especially if they know their worth. But if you are settling for mediocre results from 80% of your sales team, consider which of them may be among the 55% with no ability to sell at all.

    Do they offer reasons or results? Reasons why they aren’t hitting quota? Or results, despite the economic reality, making it happen!

    The cream of the crop is out there waiting to be hired. Play a 21st century game, put the best there is on your front line and allow your clients to sell themselves!

    No-Hassle Close

    Make completing the deal so completely easy for them that any thought that might put them off is not there.
    Fill in all forms for them. Do all the paperwork.

    Include delivery, installation and setup.

    I’ve filled in all the paperwork and all you need is to sign here.
    It will be delivered Tuesday, when you are in, and fully installed by qualified fitters.
    It’s easier than you may think, here’s how we handle each step.

    How it works
    The No-hassle Close works by being so simple and easy for the other person that any anticipated difficulty or hassle that may be holding them back is blown away.

    It also encourages them to return the favor as an exchange for your help with the completion.

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