We outline and visually map your entire sales cycle so you understand your customer’s journey from start to finish. A powerful way to gain control of moving prospects through your funnel, effortlessly.

Never skip and important step in your sales cycle again. Never lose a client at the last minute because you didn’t walk them through your process up front. There are eight basic steps in a sales cycle, do you know what they are? What if your company’s sales cycle has only five steps, or fifty! Yes, I said 50. Some companies have even more.

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Creating a sales cycle, step by step, helps your company outline exactly what is needed in each step of a customer’s journey from start to finish. It also easily helps you assign the right person on your team to each step along the way: so a support representative is doing the foundational work, and your sales professionals are able to focus on closing new prospects.

This process includes:

  • Sample sales cycles in your sector, so you don’t have to start from scratch
  • Interviews with your leadership and your sales team so all steps are fleshed out and included
  • A trial run-through so we get the kinks out before actually deploying it with prospects
  • A visual, graphic representation you can use in proposals, on your website, and in sales meetings – easily showing your prospective clients your process, and where they are in the sales cycle