A Potent Process for Increasing Revenues


Some people say Change is Painful – yes, we agree, it can be. We invite you to consider a new paradigm: Change + Pain = Gain! This is a simple, step-by-step process for adjusting what you sell, to the sectors that most want to buy it.


Are your products and services aligned with what buyers are demanding? Are they aligned with the sectors that are growing the fastest? The fastest way for your company to grow, is to match what you do, to what prospects want to buy.

Changing your products list annually sometimes just means adjusting their descriptions, or the delivery of the service; every year researching the sectors poised to buy what you sell, means staying ahead of the competition and capturing marketshare.

This 10-Step process includes:

  • A step by step summary for researching the future of your sector: five, ten and fifteen years out
  • A list of strategic questions to ask so that your company stays ahead of the competition
  • A step by step guide for identifying what an ideal client is, at the profit margin you desire
  • A full decision matrix so you can plot the course from where you are, to where you want to be